Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Texas Education Lags Behind Nation

The State Board of Education does not plan to adopt recently drafted national science standards for public schools, according to The Texas Tribune. Gov. Rick Perry and board members said they are not interested in implementing science curriculum made outside of the state because they view it as federal intrusion. Science curriculum is a hot-button issue, especially when it comes to evolution. Perry and several members of the board said that they believe the theory of evolution contains significant holes and believe instead in creationism. The board criticized teaching evolution in schools when it last updated science curriculum in 2009. The board decided to emphasize that evolution is a scientific theory when presented to students. Education standards are highly important since the younger population of Texans is growing and they are are not receiving well-rounded educations that will be competitive on the national stage. The economic stability of many poor Texas families would improve if their children entered the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). However, adopting the national science standards, or improving the state’s standers, is an integral piece in providing children with a solid educational foundation that will set them up for such successes.  


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